Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which will ask about various aspects of your problem(s) and other areas of your life.

During the consultation not only will I be trying to get a good overview of your presenting problem(s) but also a good understanding of other areas of your life, which include; past history, general health, environment, family. Having a good overview of you will help me to understand why you have this problem(s) and how it is being maintained. This information will then enable me to provide you with the most appropriate treatment programme. I may use a combination of Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and compassionate focused therapy and mindfulness, if I feel that it is appropriate in dealing with the problems. It is also important to work out what are your goals and expectation of therapy. This session will last about 1hr 15mins.

For therapy to be successful a client’s motivation and commitment are integral to the process. Following the initial consultation, further sessions will be offered. These sessions last for 1hr and the regularity of these sessions will be negotiated taking into account time and financial aspects. Each person's therapy will be personailsed as I do not offer a prescriptive text book style of therapy. Each of us are unique. During therapy you may be asked to do some reading, keeping thought diaries, other written work, exposure work or some mindfulness exercises.

The number of sessions recommended will very much be dependent on the severity of the problem and whether there are any co-existing problems.

Consultations and therapy sessions are mainly carried out in my clinic in South Liverpool. Appointments can be arranged at Kenilworth Road, Crosby on a Thursday. Home visits can be arranged at certain times.