Cognitive behaviour therapy is a psychological approach used to treat a wide range of emotional problems. It is based on the premise that the way you think affects the way you feel and behave, and is very much to do with an individual’s perception and view of experiences and situations. The main purpose of CBT is to help to identify and change unhelpful thinking patterns, assumptions and beliefs. CBT ultimately improves one’s mood by changing one’s thoughts. What are the benefits

There are many far-reaching benefits of having CBT, the most important one is it’s ability to provide long-term benefits.

In general it helps to provide the individual with a tool box of techniques that can apply to many given problems, which include an understanding of their problems in relation to other aspects of their life:-

‘’problems are not just viewed in isolation”

Other benefits include the identification of negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and assumptions, the ability to challenge these, awareness of thinking errors, enhanced problem-solving skills, improved mood state, renewed energy and vitality, and a positive sense of well-being.